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Blasternal is a fast-paced, brutally intense, arcade-style “Shoot-’em-Up”, or “SHMUP” that harkens back to the days when arcade game cabinets would burn a hole in your pockets to feed their insatiable appetite for quarters and tokens.

Travel to an untold future in a distant, unknown galaxy. Take command of a futuristic space jet that can transform instantaneously between interceptor mode for maximum air-to-air combat superiority, and an exoskeletal combat armor mode for enhanced air-to-ground combat dexterity. Play as a Mercenary-for-hire, and in future updates, as a mysterious Bounty Hunter. Choose your own path with each mission; whether you fight for the greater good, or just for your own selfish profits!

Developed using Unreal Engine 5.1, Blasternal will feature manic pacing, an unforgivingly brutal difficulty curve, insanely massive explosions of epic proportions, and truly relentless mid and end-level bosses.

Blasternal features:

  • Native 4k resolution
  • HDR color gamut
  • 120 frames-per-second rendering
  • Ray Tracing capability
  • Unreal Egine 5.1 low-latency frame syncing
  • Dolby AtmosĀ® Cinema Sound

If this sounds like the kind of game for you, then stay-tuned to the official Blasternal weblog at: